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S.T.E.M.M. Education

Through our multiple years observing children, and every parent will attest to this, children learn with all of their senses. They thrive when they are completely engaged in the subject.

Whether it is learning to draw a simple diagram or designing their own video game.

It is an all encompassing experience for the child.

All of their senses are used in order to tell a story.

They are submerged into education, nit just told to be still, sit quietly and behave themselves.

At S.T.E.M.M. Academy, we approach education from the view point of the child.

With excitement and understanding.

We do not judge children based on what they know.

We see them all as inspiring life long learners who are capable of achieving anything, given the right tools and perspective.

Excited Children in Science Class
Girls in Painting Class
Art Class
Technology Class
Music Class
Science Class
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